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Hay Day is first and foremost a simulation game in which you will have the task of starting and expanding your farm by cultivating and raising an enormous variety of animals. It is about sowing the crop, feeding the cows, sheep, freeing up space in the land to build new structures and completing the orders of the various merchants to get a profit. In short, you will have to become a real farmer.

The growth in Hay Day takes place gradually but as for the other games, you can put your wallet and spend real money for the purchase of diamond packages to get advantages in the game. Diamonds can in fact be used to speed up construction times and in general all timers. In this guide Hay Day, however, I will try to help you so as to avoid this expense, so let’s not waste any more time and take a look at the tips and tricks for Hay Day.


The Hay Day silo is the one that contains all your seeds and your job is to sow them in such a way as to double the harvest and sell it later to the merchants. But be careful not to ever run out of seeds.

Your farm’s orders are many and always different, but when it comes to concluding them, always try to summarize your situation first. There will often be occasions when you can make a great deal and get good money, but be careful because if the revenue is good but then you have to spend more money to buy new seeds because you are left without, then the gain could actually be a loss.

Having said that, always plant the seeds and make sure you always have them available in the silo to be able to create new ones. Keep in mind that as the farm grows, so does the amount of seeds needed to keep it going, as you will have to produce more and more animal feed.


Going forward in the game and going up in level you will notice that the construction and work times will become longer and longer. In these cases, diamonds come into play, which help to complete everything immediately. However, as I said at the beginning of this Hay Day guide, there is no real need to spend money to move forward, you just need to be patient and take advantage of these long times.

If you know that for several hours you will not have the chance to play because you are at work, at school or you have just taken a break, then sow the slowest crops and start the longest work before you take off. There are crops like wheat that take a few minutes to grow and there are others that take several hours. The same applies to livestock and general production on the farm.

Knowing this, exactly before closing Hay Day, you begin to do the longest work so that you find them completed (or almost) when you return, doing so you will avoid wasting precious time while you play.


As you will understand after the previous advice, the real gain of the farm comes from the Hay Day stall and not from sales to visitors, friends and various followers. Always try to keep up to date on the sales of other players and imitators, but putting the same products at a “discounted” price (for example 10% less). In this way you will see that you will sell in no time and you will be able to put other goods on the market.

The question is rather different if we are dealing with highly sought-after materials such as boards and screws. If you want to sell these products then also raise the price, because you will be able to sell them anyway without problems and in a short time.


The game orders will always reward you with experience points and money. But try to balance the two factors because going ahead with the level and not having the money to expand the farm makes no sense, and vice versa. For this reason I advise you to carefully choose the orders to be concluded.

If you find yourself with a lot of money but don’t have any other structures to build because you only unlock with the next level, try to prioritize the orders that reward you with many experience points in order to finish them and advance quickly with the level.

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