How to unlock machine slots & get diamonds for beginners hayday

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This video will be very helpful for beginners because it talks about unlocking slots of the machines in hayday and also get diamonds to do that.

In the video, I have practically shown that how can you get the diamonds through mining tools and by choosing the derby tasks and also gave some suggestions while participating in the derby.

I have also discussed the importance of derby participation and the way it helps to grow faster in the game.

In the video, I have also given some suggestions to grow faster in the game and get XPs, coins and faster yet easy gameplay.

Most of the gamers are running after the hacking websites but there’s no way to hack the game to get the diamonds or to control the game but a pure hard work and some effort to make the game easy.

Besides that, I have also discussed that which machine slots needs to get unlock first and then others.

Hope the video is helpful for the hayday Farmers and happy Farming…🐮🌾

>> Hay Day Online Hack <<