How to Make Coins in HayDay Efficiently 2019

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Here is my first YouTube video, in which I cover my 3 favorite ways to earn coins in HayDay

A bit of clarification on the second Reselling items for profit isn’t necessarily a good primary way of earning coins, but is a good side hustle

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Hi guys! Welcome back to another HAY DAY video!

In this video I am harvesting strawberries and selling them in shop to make some coins! Strawberries unlock at level 34 and they’re the longest time taking crops! Always plant them before you sleep or when you are not going to be in the game. They get sold quickly and give you a lot of coins! So You can make 10K to 20K coins in a day only by strawberries! I don’t personally plant a lot of strawberries as they are easily found in newspaper and also I grow them on other farms.


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