Hay Day Top Tips and Tricks ( Tutorial 2018 )

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Top Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Hay Day
Some of these tips require a certain level.

Tip Number 1:
Make sure you tap on all of the Red Chests sometimes you get Free ones so you don’t have to use Diamonds, Sometimes they even give you 5 diamonds. When you reach a certain level you will be about to go to your town, in your ton is a shore, always click the chests in the water if you are lucky enough you get 8 diamonds instead of 5!

Tip Number 2:
Not sure how much of a produces you have? instead of going to your barn and searching, click on your machine which makes the produce you want and when you hold your finger on it, on the right of your finger it will tell you have many you already have.

Tip Number 3:
When you get to around level 40, you should have quiet a lot of harvest patches. A great way to make coins, gain experience points and other items is to grow wheat. It takes 2 minutes to grow and when around level 40, each time you harvest you will also gain items such as land deeds and stakes etc. which can be then sold to make money or saved and used.(Sell your wheat at a price of 10 coins as this will sell fairly quickly and you can keep harvesting with out your silo getting full.)

Tip Number 4:
If you are leaving your game for a long period of time always make sure you check what you need on your bored and try and make all of them items, if there is space after doing so on your line cook anything else you can to, this give you experience points and you may even have need for that item. If not sell it or save it.

Tip Number 5:
If you know you are going to have trouble filling your boat even with help, click the send boat away bottom you normally would when it is ready to go, do this before filling any of the boxes, if any of the boxes have anything in you will not be able to do this.

Tip Number 6:
Find your self a good neighborhood, preferably a active derby neighborhood, not only will you meet new friend you can have discussions or conversation with friends while playing, also you can help each other there is now a feature on the recent update this yea when you can requests a certain amount of item and your neighborhood friend can kindly donate items to you. Items, experiences points and coins will be gained during a neighborhood derby

Tip Number 7:
tap on the your farm house on your main plot of land, here there are things you can complete a certain amount of times to gain experience points and diamonds

Tip Number 8:
If there is something you want to achieve for example, leveling up, concentrate on filling boat orders, farm board orders and town orders. also farm and feed your animals as much as you can, and harvest alot of wheat ( see tip 3). If you concentrating on making money, make as many of the produce that makes the most money in a good amount of time (I will try and find a link to this information) and selling this in your shop for full price.

Tip number 9:
Have boxes on your boat that you need filling and you have asked for help and there not getting filled. sell something put it in the news paper, in your newspaper you will see a few sellers with explanation mark boxes on them, there farms need help. this is here fellow farmers will see you need help and hopefully fill your boxes.

I hope this was helpful and when I remember more i will update my post.Have tips and tricks of your own? post below and i will add them to this post.

Have a happy Hay Day!
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