Hay Day Selling 100 Blankets Making 100000 COINS

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Hey guys! Welcome back to another Hay Day video! Hope y’all are doing great and having an amazing day!

In this video I sell 100 blankets at a time for full price to make 110,000 gold coins! I don’t usually sell blankets as they are so rare to get. I sometimes hire tom to get them or trade them because they are used in town and give a good amount of Xp. Blankets are also the most expensive item in the game and 1 blanket go for 1098 coins so a lot of people transfer coins from one farm to the other by using blankets!

I had hired Tom by using the booster on my baby farm and used him to get me blankets! Blankets go really quick and give you a lot of coins but be careful in making them as they need duck feathers which aren’t easy to get!

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I make money in Hay Day with the visitor event 2x Coins :)) 5.500.000 Coins!

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