Hay Day How to Get Diamonds in Hay Day

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Hay Day – How to Get Diamonds in Hay Day

This video will show you all the ways we can get diamonds in Hay Day.

Diamonds are a type of currency in Hay Day used to speed up production times, buy needed materials, and certain decorations.

Diamonds can be obtained
Using real money
Watching Night at the Movies ads
Randomly digging them up in the mine
Randomly finding them in Mystery Boxes
Randomly catching some with mystery nets
Popping one of Tom’s “percent balloons”
Catching new fish
Buying mystery packages in the Catalogue
Participating in global events
Completing achievements
Winning an event on Hay Day’s Facebook
Participating in R3DKNIGHTs YouTube Subscriber Event.

This video is especially for the beginners of hayday who are struggling to level up or upgrade their farm. Low level players always has the issues with storage, dead plants and other things.

There are so many tips I have presented in this video which will help you to understand the game as well as tips to get more and more rewards for example : expansion materials, mining tools and saws & axes.

Beside that I’ve also guided viewers that how can you get tons of rewards in just few days.

You can also get connected to my farm by spending friend request in the game.

My game tag : 8V8YC9UJU.

Thanks for watching and have a happy farming.

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