Hay Day Fall Update The Candle Maker

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The Candle Maker

The fall update gives us one new machine to play with in the game. This one allows us to make candles. The candle maker is available from level 48. We can make three candles with it at this moment in time. The maker uses lemons, raspberries, and strawberries to give a beautiful fragrant smell. Each candle requires beeswax, which is produced in the Honey Extractor and requires 45 minutes to make.

Honey Extractor (35,000 gold), – max 1 – 1 d or 47 diamonds (24 XP)
– (lvl 39) Honey – 2 Honey Combs – 20mins / 17m -(19 XP)
– (lvl 48) Beeswax – 3 Honey Combs – 45mins / ???m – (28 XP)

Candle Maker(118,000 gold), – max 1 – 1d 13h or 58 diamonds (24 XP)
– (lvl 72) Lemon Candle – 1 Beeswax, 2 Lemons – 2h 15mins / ???m – (55 XP)
– (lvl 52) Raspberry Candle – 1 Beeswax, 2 Raspberries – 1h 45mins / ???m – (43 XP)
– (lvl 48) Strawberry Candle – 1 Beeswax, 2 Strawberries – 2h / ???m – (44 XP)

As you can see the new machine will cost you 118,000 gold coins so start saving for it.

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