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How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day

Notwithstanding the free diamonds you get from accomplishments, there are likewise a lot of alternate approaches to get your hands on free diamonds in Hay Day. Here are probably the most ideal

1. Free diamonds are at times given when you level up.

2. Link your game to your Facebook represent free diamonds, and follow Hay Day for another free precious stone.

3. Tap the film ticket when you find it, and watch trailers to get rewards that can include diamonds.

4. Open arbitrary secret boxes when you find them, as they can contain diamonds.

5. Begin mining at level 24 for a possibility at unearthing diamonds.

6. Watch out for true Supercell challenges on their Facebook page.

Free Diamonds in Hay Day From the Mine

The mine in Hay Day is opened at level 24, and its main object is to give a source to valuable metals. It costs 21,000 coins and requires 35 hours to finish, so make certain to bank your coins and plan ahead.

Whenever you have opened the mine, you begin extracting metal. In contrast to most cycles in the game, there is no time investment related with extracting metal. It works more like removing deterrents like trees and shakes, in that you can mine however much you need, as quick as possible swipe your finger, yet each and every extraction expects you to use a tool.

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